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INVITATION ONLY - You must first attend trials

£180 a year

Our top level of membership represents the pinnacle of tennis at Bristol. Members have access to multiple trainings every week, will represent the university in British Universities and Colleges Sport leagues and have access to professional strength and conditioning training to ensure peak performance.

There are strict entrance requirements to get into BUCS:

Men need to be an LTA 5.2 or lower to qualify for the 1st and 2nd teams and women need to be LTA 6.2 or lower to qualify for the 1st and 2nd teams (or international equivalent).


If you're interested in joining email our head coach Ali Blackett at


BUCS train three times a week, on a Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. S and C is twice a week on a Monday and Friday Matches are played on Wednesdays



Monday: 7-8.30pm Squad A (Men's 1s and 2s, Women’s 1s), 8.30-10pm Squad B (Men's 3s and 4s, Women’s 2s)

Tuesday: 7-8.30pm Women’s squad, 8.30-10pm Men’s squad

Sunday: 2-3.30pm Squad A, 3.30-5pm Squad B (Captain led with monthly guest coach Masterclasses)


​S and C

Not confirmed yet

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