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INVITATION ONLY - You must first attend trials

£210 a year

  • BUCS - INVITE ONLY: This exclusive section is reserved for players who have received an invitation. Participation in BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) typically requires a competitive level of play and previous achievements in tennis.


Our top level of membership represents the pinnacle of tennis at Bristol. Players have access to 3 trainings every week within their membership, will represent Bristol in the BUCS leagues and have access to professional strength and conditioning training to ensure peak performance. We have a squad of 32 players; 16 men and 16 women.

There are entrance requirements to get into BUCS:


A guideline on WTN level is below:


Men 1st team: WTN 20 or lower (or international equivalent).

Mens 2nd -4th team: WTN 24 or lower (or international equivalent).


Womens 1st team: WTN 22 or lower (or international equivalent).

Womens 2nd team: WTN 27 or lower (or international equivalent).

Womens 3rd team: WTN 30 or lower (or international equivalent).


To be considered for any BUCS team a players competition history in LTA sanctioned events will be looked at. A guideline is that any BUCS player would be expected to have competed in minimum Grade 4 level competitions.


Doubles play is another big consideration for BUCS selection. Doubles competition history will be considered as well as tactical understanding that will be assessed at trials.


If you meet the above WTN criteria and are interested in joining email our head coach Ali Blackett at


BUCS train three times a week, on a Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. S and C is twice a week on a Monday and Friday. BUCS matches are played on Wednesdays and National Premier League matches (1st / 2nd team) on Sundays.


On Court Training

Monday: 7-8.30pm (Womens) 8.30-10pm (Mens)

Tuesday: 7-8.30pm (Womens), 8.30-10pm (Mens)

Sunday: 2-3.30pm and 3.30-5pm


Strength and Conditioning Training

Monday 6-6.45pm or 7.30-8.15pm

Friday 4.15-5pm or 7.15-8pm

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