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Tennis courts in Bristol

Find one near you!

The University of Bristol has own the most year round tennis courts of any university in the UK. Find out how to book them or others in Bristol here.

Coombe Dingle

Our indoor and outdoor courts at Coombe Dingle Sports Complex are able to be booked for a small fee. More info coming soon.

Residences Courts

Students access the university's residential courts for free.

Wills hall and Langford both have courts available to use that are bookable through SEH. Login / click on make a booking / select residences / select tennis court, time, and date


Bristol Parks Tennis

Bristol council run really really good outdoor courts at Canford Park (near Coombe) and St George’s Park (although that’s a trek), you can buy an annual pass for £35 and book on any time you like or hire for £5 an hour. 

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